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Shanmukh Bamboo Blinds { Bamboo Curtains www.bamboocurtains.in } offers a wide range of PVC blinds which are installed outside your window or balcony to block the sunlight completely before they reach. By using the pvc blinds, it makes the room cool and greatly reducing air-conditioning costs, these PVC exterior blinds can be folded into a roll up-blinds.

PVC blinds are much more effective at stopping heat than interior shading products like interior blinds or residential window tinting and glass film.

PVC blinds provides daytime privacy while still allowing natural light and visibility on the inside. It can lower interior temperature as much as possible. PVC blinds are designed to be long lasting and durable in extremely hot climates and can even be left up through the winter.

Our custom-made PVC exterior blinds make your home look rich & makes classic ability to accent any room. our various collection of PVC blinds has premium quality material in a wide range of colors and finishes.

We offer a professional consultation service at your doorstep……….

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